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Scientific Cooperation with Chile
(DFG/CONICYT: 444 CHL-113/35/0-1)

This project originates from an earlier cooperation with Prof. Dr. Evgenia Spodine (Universidad de Chile)[1,2]. The exchange program for scientists is supported since 2009. Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Evgenia Spodine (Universidad de Chile), Dr. Diego Venegas Yazigi (Universidad de Santiago de Chile), Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Kniep (MPI-CPfS) and Dr. Raul Cardoso-Gil (MPI-CPfS). The exchange program also includes young scientists (Diploma- and Doctoral Theses).

The aim of the common project is to intensify the cooperation between the groups in the field of inorganic-organic hybrid materials. Special attention is turned to the synthesis and characterisation of compounds with peculiar magnetic properties. This includes the preparation of novel (also nano-scaled) materials with magnetic properties which can be optimised by variation of their topological parameters (ligands, coordination polyhedra, rigid or flexible arrangements of complex anions, as (e. g.) known from borophosphates).

Current Publications

[1]   S. Ushak, E. Spodine, D. Venegas-Yazigi, E. Le Fur, J. Y. Pivan, O. Peña, R. Cardoso-Gil, R. Kniep: On the new low-dimensional organic-inorganic hybrid solids Cu4(bipy)4[V4P2O19)·nH2O (n~5) and Cu2(bipy)2[V2P2O12] with linear [V4 P2O19]8- and cyclic [V2 P2O12]4- oligomers. J. Mater. Chem. 2005, 15, 4529-4534.

[2]   S. Ushak, E. Spodine, E. Le Fur, D. Venegas-Yazigi, J.-Y. Pivan, W. Schnelle, R. Cardoso-Gil, R. Kniep: Two New Hybrid Organic/Inorganic Copper(II)-Oxovanadium(V) Diphosphonates: [Cu2phen2(O3PCH2PO3)(V2O5)(H2O)]·H2O and [(Cu phen)2(O3P(CH2)3PO3)(V2O5)]·C3H8. Synthesis, Structure, and Magnetic Properties. Inorg. Chem. 2006, 45, 5393-5398.

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