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Chemische Analyse

Competence Group Analytics

Contact: Dr. Gudrun Auffermann


Optische Emissionsspektrometrie mit induktiv gekoppeltem Plasma Massenspektrometer mit induktiv gekoppelter Plasmaquelle Laserablation gekoppelt mit Massenspektrometer mit induktiv gekoppeltem Plasma Nichtmetall-Analytik (H, C, N, O) Anorganik Nichtmetall-Mikroanalytik (H, C, N, S, O) Organik Oxidative Verbrennung gekoppelt mit Ionenchromatographie (CIC)

For the interpretation of the specific physical and chemical properties of solids the knowledge of their exact chemical composition is essential. Thus, in the competence group analytics the starting materials as well as the newly synthesized materials are analyzed concerning their composition and checked with regard to included impurities. Additionally, so-called speciations are performed to get valuable insights into different bonding situations of a specific element in a compound.

The contents of hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen (originating from inorganic or organic components) are determined by the carrier-gas-hot-extraction- and combustion-method, respectively. The determination of the amount of halides in a sample succeeds via oxidative combustion connected with ion chromatography (CIC). All the rest of the (non-noble gas) elements of the periodic table are quantitatively analyzed by ICP-OES (Inductively-Coupled-Plasma–Optical-Emission-Spectrometry) and ICP-MS (Inductively-Coupled-Plasma–Mass-Spectrometry) up to traces in solutions of the solids. Space- and depth-resolved determination of the chemical composition of solids is carried out by LA-ICP-MS (Laserablation–Inductively-Coupled-Plasma–Mass-Spectrometry).


 Dr. Gudrun Auffermann
Dipl.-Chem. Ulrike Schmidt
Sebastian Schwinger
Anja Völzke

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