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Electron Microscopy

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Electron Microscopy

Speaker: Dr. Reiner Ramlau


 Dr. Reiner Ramlau
 Dr. Paul Simon
Uta Köhler

Extented Team:
 Dr. Wilder Carrillo-Cabrera
Dr. Elena Rosseeva
Dr. Changhai Wang
Dipl.-Chem. Rolf Stinshoff
Dipl.-Phys. Benedikt Ernst
Yuan Luo, B.Sc.
Jana Buder

For transmission electron microscopy (TEM) a Tecnai F30-G2 with Super-Twin lens is available, which combines a rather high resolving power (point resolution: 0.2 nm), large tilt angles (for crystallography applications) as well as analytical options (EELS, EFTEM, HAADF-STEM, EDXS). The investigation of air-sensitive substances is made possible. Current research projects comprise the real-structure characterisation and nano-analysis of germanium and silicon clathrates, the formation of super-structure in titanium borophosphates, and order-disorder phenomena in zirconium arsenide selenide (Dr. R. Ramlau).

Applications of TEM to complex inorganic compounds.
a) High-resolution TEM image in [100] orientation, b) EEL spectrum and c) EDX spectrum of the borosilicide K7B7Si39 with clathrate-I structure [Jung et. al, Angew. Chemie 119, 6846 (2007)]. d) HAADF-STEM image in [100] orientation of the complex inter-metallic phase RhAl2.63. (Images: Dr. R. Ramlau)

Additionally, a transmission electron microscope Tecnai 10 is available with high-contrast lens and an attachment for precession electron diffraction (PED). The intensities of reflections taken from PED, which are kinematical in a good approximation, allow a structure refinement in analogy to x-ray structure refinement. The unbeatable advantage of electron crystallography lies in its applicability to the smallest specimen volumes, e.g. complex inter-metallic phases in heterogeneous textures. (Dr. W. Carrillo-Cabrera).


 Dr. Reiner Ramlau
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