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            Inorganic Chemistry
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            Chemical Metals Science
                Marc Armbrüster
            Physics of Quantum Materials
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            Physics of Correlated Matter
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            Chemische Analyse
            Materials Development
            Theoretical Solid State Physics
            Chemical Bonding
            Electron Microscopy
            Electron Spectroscopy
            Extreme Conditions
            Spectroscopy with Neutrons
        Junior Groups
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            Cichorek Wroclaw
            Zhao Shanghai
            Chemical Analytics
            Electron Density
            Experiments under high pressure
            Experiments at very high magnetic fields
            Experiments at low temperatures
                Calorimetry / Dilatometry
                Magnetic Methods
                Thermal Transport
                Transport / Magneto transport
            Materials Development
            Molekular Beam Epitaxy
            Multiplet Calculations
            Photoelectron Spectroscopy
            Physical Characterization
                Chemical Transport
                High Pressure Synthesis
                LHS - Laboratory of High Safety Standard
                New Preparation Routes
                Reactions under High Gas Pressure
            Preparation and Characterization of thin films
            Soft-X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopy
                Electron Spin Resonance (ESR)
                Fluctuation Spectroscopy
                Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
                Neutron Scattering
                Quadrupole Resonance (NQR)
                Optical Spectroscopy
                Scanning tunneling microscopy
                Solid-State NMR Spectroscopy
            Thermal Analysis
            TEM / SEM
            XAS / EXAFS
            X-Ray Diffraction
        Research Projects
            Band Structure
            Carbometalates and related compounds
            Colossal magnetoresistance and electronic phase separation
            Complex Metalic Alloys
            Heavy Fermions
            Intermetallic Compounds in Catalysis
            Laves Phases
            Low dimensional spin systems
            Many Body Theory
            Molecular Dynamics
            New Materials (High Pressures)
            Novel superconductors
            Pnictide Chalcogenides
            Quantum Criticality
            Spin Systems, Diagonalisation
            Strongly correlated semiconductors
            Unconventional superconductors
            Volume Chemistry
        External and 3rd-party Projects
            BMBF Borophosphates as heterogenous catalysts
            CMA, Network of Excellence
            COST (EU)
            DFG / CONICYT-Chile
            DFG- research group FG960 Quantum phase transitions
            DFG Project - Biomineralisation
            DFG Project - Physical properties of strongly correlated low charge carrier density metals
            Experiments in very high pulsed magnetic fields (MPG project)
            MPG Project - Laves Phases
            ICAM / I2CAM Institute for Complex Adaptive Matter
            Research at FRM II
            SFB 463 Rare-earth transition- metal compounds
            SPP 1166 Lanthanoids
            SPP 1178 Electron Density
            SFB Transregio 79
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