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Materials Development

Competence Group Materials Development

Contact: Lecturer Dr. Christoph Geibel


The crystal-growth research group devotes itself 1. to the synthesis of new compounds with highly-correlated electronic and/or magnetic properties, 2. to the single-crystal growth of these compounds and 3. to their characterization as regards their structural, metallographic and physical properties. In the foreground stand ternary, intermetallic compounds based on the elements Ce-, Yb- or U-basis and ternary oxides of Cu-, V- or Ti. The compounds are synthesized in an electrical arc oven in closed Ta-ampules or with powder metallurgical methods. Single crystals are made using the Czochralski-method, the Bridgman-method zone-pulling or solution growth. The phase diagrams are determined by DTA/TG. X-ray diffraction and REM/EDAX analysis are used for the structural and metallographic characterization. The basic physical properties are determined through experiments of the electrical resistivity, of the magnetic susceptibility and of the specific heat capacity in the temperature range 2K-350K. The main focus now lies in the synthesis and investigation of heavy-fermion systems such as CeNi2Ge2 and CeCu2Si2, the new magnetic Yb-compound and the compound a'-NaV2O5, which shows an unusual phase transition at 34K..


Christoph Geibel
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