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Biomineralisation - Group Members

Mitglieder der Biomineralisationsgruppe

1. Jana Buder: Synthesis, ESEM, EDX, ultramicrotomy

2.  Wilder Carrillo-Cabrera: FIB, TEM, ESEM, X-rays

3.  Daniel Grüner: TEM, FIB, ESEM

4.  Rüdiger Kniep: Group leader

5. Theresa Kollmann: Synthesis, ESEM, TEM

6. Ygit Öztan: Synthesis, ESEM, EDX

7. Elena Rosseeva: Synthesis, ESEM, EDX, Raman/IR spectroscopy

8.  Paul Simon: TEM, Electron holography

Name Materials / Methods Email / Phone Photo
Jana Buder Otoconia, fluoroapatite-gelatin composites; synthesis, ESEM, EDX, ultramicrotomy Buder[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-3321  
Wilder Carrillo-Cabrera Otoconia, fluoroapatite-gelatin composites, calcium oxalates; FIB, TEM, ESEM Carrillo[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-3325
Daniel Grüner Bone and bone cement; TEM, FIB, ESEM Gruener[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-4211
Rüdiger Kniep Group leader Kniep[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-3000
Theresa Kollmann Hydroxyapatite-gelatin composite foils; synthesis, ESEM, TEM, EDX Kollmann[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-3321
Ygit Öztan Fluoroapatite/ hydroxyapatite-gelatin composites; synthesis, ESEM, EDX Oeztan[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-4272
Elena Rosseeva Carbonated fluoroapatite-gelatin composites, conodont hard tissues; synthesis, ESEM, EDX, Raman/IR spectroscopy Rosseeva[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-2270
Paul Simon Fluoroapatite-gelatin composites, otoconia, oxalates, nano particles; TEM, electron holography Simon[at]; +49 (0) 351 4646-4227
Former members      
Susanne Busch Fluoroapatite-gelatin composites    
Patrick Duchstein Atomistic simulations    
Caren Göbel Apatite-gelatin composites    
Oliver Hochrein Calcium oxalate-polyacrylate composites    
Ya-Xi Huang Otoconia    
Annu Thomas Calcium oxalate-polyacrylate composites    
Harald Tlatlik Fluoroapatite-gelatin composites    
Dirk Zahn Atomistic simulations    

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