Practical Quantum Mechanics for Exp. Solid State Physicists: I
Modelling Complex Phenomena using Tight Binding methods

Modul:Phy-Ma-Vert: Physikalische Vertiefung
Lesende(r): Tjeng, Liu Hao
Telefon: 0351-46464900
Lesende(r): Kasinathan, Deepa
Telefon: 0351-46464205
Inhalt der Lehrveranstaltung: The lecture aims to explain the basic concepts and tools to describe the electronic structure of solid state materials and thin films. Hands-on exercises using computers will be presented to address matrix diagonalization, Bloch functions, density of states, band structure, and (topological) surface states. Use will be made of tight binding methods to minimize the computational efforts and to maximize the insight into complex phenomena
Umfang:Vorlesung: 2 Stunden/Woche
Zeit/Ort: Tu(4), MPI CPfS - Seminar Room 1 (Noethnitzerstr. 40, 01187 Dresden)
Hörerkreis: Vertiefung Bachelor (PV) und Master (alle)
Vertiefungsgebiet:Elektronische Eigenschaften von Festkörpern (Vorlesung im Fakultativteil der Wahlpflichtvertiefung)
Vorkenntnisse: solid state physics
Nachweis: Teilnahmeschein auf Wunsch
Einschreibung: Tu. 10.10.2017 (4. DS) 13:00, erste Vorlesung
Language: English

Please bring your laptop with you! We will set up an account and start with the computer exercises right away!

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lecture notes

  1. 10.10.2017 - Kasinathan - Diagonalization of a 2by2 matrix
  2. 17.10.2017 - Tjeng - Diagonalization of a 2by2 matrix -contd.
  3. 24.10.2017 - Tjeng - Diagonalization of a ring matrix
  4. 07.11.2017 - Tjeng - Ring matrix, Peierls transition
  5. 14.11.2017 - Kasinathan - Tightbinding
  6. 21.11.2017 - Tjeng
  7. 28.11.2017 - Daisuke Takegami - Tightbinding Sr2RuO4
  8. 05.12.2017 - Daisuke Takegami - Tightbinding Sr2RuO4
  9. 12.12.2017 - Kasinathan - Tightbinding + Spin-Orbit Coupling
  10. 19.12.2017 - Kasinathan - Tightbinding + Spin-Orbit Coupling
  11. 09.01.2018 - Tjeng - One dimensional DOS, Surface states
  12. 16.01.2018 - Kasinathan - One dimensional DOS - computations